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Cowbell Our Milk has become synonymous with quality and value. The vision of providing quality, affordable milk powder to the people of Africa has led Cowbell to be Africa’s number one brand in small sachets.

The regular additions to the Cowbell product range are testament to the Group’s commitment to the provision of innovative and value-added milk products. It is this dedication to service and consistency that has contributed to the continual success of Cowbell as a brand and Promasidor as a whole.


Cowbell, Our Milk, is delicious, nutritious and tastes just like fresh milk. Cowbell is ideal for the whole family and is specially made with fresh skimmed cows’ milk and vegetable fat, which contains no cholesterol.

Cowbell contains the proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals essential for the whole family. Cowbell Milk is packed full of nutrition and goodness. The protein in Cowbell Milk provides the building blocks essential for making and repairing body tissues such as muscle and skin.

Cowbell is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorous and enriched with Vitarich, a fortified blend of vitamins A, C, D, E and K to encourage strong and health growth. Vitamin A is essential for eyesight development and assists in the body’s immune function; Vitamin C fights infection, assists with wound healing and is necessary for iron absorption; Vitamin D helps the body keep the right amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood; Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects body tissue from damage, it is also important in the formation and protection of red blood cells; and Vitamin K plays an important role in the formation of blood clotting agents.

Cowbell Filled Milk Powder makes a delicious milk drink, an excellent yogurt and is also ideal with porridge, cereals and for cooking.

Cowbell milk products are packed in a range of small sachets, larger block bottom refill sachets and food grade cans to suit all pockets.


Cowbell was first to make milk powder affordable to everyone across Africa by offering a range
of convenient, value-for-money sachet sizes. No wonder it is known by people far and wide as ‘Our Milk’.

Consumer Benefits

  • Delicious and nutritious - once reconstituted tastes just like fresh milk
  • Made from fresh skimmed milk and vegetable fat, which contains no cholestrol
  • Contains the proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals essential for the whole family
  • Mixes instantly in hot or cold, safe drinking water
  • Enriched with Vitarich, a fortified blend of vitamins A, C, D, E and K.
  • Ideal for adding in porridge and cereals, great for cooking or as a delicious drink on its own

Shopper Benefits

  • Available in a range of convenient, value for money packaging sizes
  • Low, affordable price point per sachet or tin to suit all pockets

Trade Benefits

  • Competitively priced and attractive margins to wholesaler and retailer
  • Extensive sales and distribution network
  • Marketing support including point of sale, consumer promotions, radio, outdoor and TV
  • Cowbell will be supported with a range of point of sale
    elements: shelf talkers, bunting, ABS posters and more
  • In store promotions so that customers can really get to know all the great new benefits of Cowbell milk
  • Cowbell has a 24 month shelf life elements: shelf life


The fresh milk used to make Cowbell is collected from thousands of dairy farms in countries with ideal rainfall and agricultural conditions, where there is clean air and lush green grass, ensuring the best quality of milk.

Due to improvements made in the dairy industry over the years, cows are milked automatically by sophisticated machinery attached to the cows’ udders.

The milk is then collected and stored in large stainless steel coolers during the milking process.

The milk is then transferred to special insulated refrigeration trucks, which are used to transport fresh milk from the dairies to the manufacturing plant. Each vehicle is cleaned thoroughly before milk collection and again, after delivery before re-entering the plant.

Upon arrival at the licenced manufacturing plant, the fresh milk is subjected to rigorous quality control tests by our highly qualified laboratory staff before it is accepted for processing. Once the fresh milk has passed these stringent controls, it is pumped into special storage tanks to be processed according to Cowbell's unique formula.

The first part of the process involves pasteurising the fresh milk to make it safe for drinking. Pasteurisation occurs when milk is quickly heated to about 70 degrees Celsius to kill any disease carrying bacteria. The butterfat (or animal fat) is then removed from the milk and replaced with vegetable fat, which significantly reduces the cholesterol level. This therefore offers a far healthier, improved product with a longer shelf life. In addition to this vitamins A, C, D, E, and K are added to the milk to provide extra nutrition. The milk is then homogenised, which means that the added vegetable fat is broken up into small particles and then mixed evenly into the rest of the milk.

Finally, it is passed through a spray drying tower to form powdered milk. A substance called lecithin is added to the milk powder, to ensure that Cowbell mixes instantly and easily with water.

Cowbell is then bulk packed at the plant and sent to the various countries, where it is then repacked into various sachets and block bottom bags. Each sachet consists of three layers of ultra-thin, strong material that keeps the milk powder fresh.

Cowbell is available in a wide range of convenient sizes. The packaging contents need to be mixed in warm or cold, safe drinking water. If the water is not clean boil it before mixing with Cowbell. Cowbell dissolves instantly.

Cowbell Filled Milk Powder is a delicious way to provide the necessary nutrition required for a healthy lifestyle. So when you drink a glass of Cowbell, you can be sure that you are getting all the protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium and energy needed for growth and good health.