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Promasidor launches a new food seasoning product for Kenya

Promasidor Kenya Limited launched the Onga food seasoning brand Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix in June 2014. The product was launched at an event in Nairobi and some of the guests included trade, media and Promasidor sales staff.

Mark Williams described the entry of the new offering into Kenyan markets as one of the steps being taken by the company to diversify its portfolio and grow its penetration in the market. "The new Mchuzi Mix flavour also offers a solution to the rising demand for a rich, tasty seasoning, among consumers. We are optimistic that the innovation will also help achieve customers' patronage for Onga in the food seasoning sector," Mark remarked.

The new Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix has specifically been formulated to meet the requirements of the Kenyan palate, with special focus on its taste, texture, aroma and flavour. It is also the first in the category to be fortified with Vitamin A as a response to increasing deficiencies that are a common cause of night blindness and rising maternal mortality cases in Kenya. We acknowledged the fact that Vitamin A deficiency causes 70 percent of preventable blindness and maternal mortality and by fortifying Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix with this important nutrient we'll help minimize the risk for many.

The new Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix is available in 13g, 75g, 200g and 500g tub and will competitively retail at Sh5, 30, 95, and Sh220 respectively.

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