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FPI DRC changes from Onja to Onga

The seasoning powder was launched in DRC 10 years ago but was so far branded Onja, which means “to taste” in Swahili.

The time had come to standardize and adopt for our seasoning powder (and tablets to come) the brand name Onga like everywhere else within the Promasidor group.

Various activities have been organized in order to make our consumers aware of the change and assure them that the change of the brand name left the taste and quality of their beloved product unchanged. A 15’ TVC was broadcasted nationwide and wall painting is being adapted accordingly in all cities throughout the country. We came up with the idea of painting a giant Onga calendar on the wall of a three-storey building, in the most popular seasoning market in Kinshasa, Zigida, similar to the small ones that everybody received at the year-end for their homes. The size of the calendar and the brightness of our Onga red and yellow colours really catches the eye of all visitors who attend the Zigida market place. The wall painting has become a real attraction.

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