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Yumvita goes one-on-one with nursing mothers and pregnant women

Nursing mothers and pregnant women across Ghana are having a new experience with infant cereal with the introduction of the Yumvita hospital visit. The new initiative, which was rolled out a few months after the re-launch of Yumvita in the country, has taken the marketing benefits of the product a notch higher. The new initiative offers an opportunity for Promasidor Ghana to have a one-on-one interaction with nursing mothers about the nutritional benefits and general knowledge about the product.

Through the initiative, a hospital with a maternity unit is recruited after which a day is selected for the visit. Mothers at the hospital are first given a general talk about the Yumvita brand followed by a one-on-one interaction with them. They are offered the opportunities to ask question about product and also share their experiences using it. Part of the visit is a laid out mechanism to reward mothers and babies with some Yumvita branded souvenirs. The sampling component of the visit allows for mothers to enjoying the rich nourishing taste of Yumvita. Since the inception of the initiative lots of feedback have been generated, making it easier for PGL to provide relevant information to the mothers. The visit also provides sales opportunity for the brand.

Sales and Marketing manger of PGL, Mr. Timo Van Vooren, explains why the project was initiated: "since Yumvita is an infant cereal, we thought it was only prudent that we started marketing the product where you would have a lot of nursing and pregnant women gather and hospitals just served as the perfect place for that. The focus of this initiative is not necessarily to make sales even though we get people buying, but to properly educate the mothers about the product and also keep Yumvita in their mind as the best infant cereal in the market."

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