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WhatsApp used as a Tool for Enhancing Merchandising in Kenya

Nairobi modern trade merchandisers have adopted WhatsApp as a tool to improve and enhance merchandising amongst the Nairobi team.

WhatsApp is an Internet messaging app that enables one to send unlimited messages, pictures and videos to their WhatsApp contacts for free. The ease and simplicity of use are attractive features that the team has been able to utilize for both their social and more importantly professional lives.

Nairobi modern trade store profile comprises of hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini marts and self-service stores. Each merchandiser services approximately 15 outlets ranging from hypermarkets to self-service stores along a given route.

Collectively Nairobi merchandisers cater for 300 stores allocated to twenty defined routes. Under the WhatsApp group name PKL Nairobi team, Nairobi merchandisers, supervisors and management are able to keep abreast with happenings at the modern trade.

The use of WhatsApp has been instrumental in enhancing both reporting and supervision. Merchandisers and supervisors use the app to update on progress in real time. As an example, displays, use of POS, defending shelf space, stock position and competitor activities in the outlets are reported.

The app has also been a motivating factor and has fostered team spirit among colleagues, whereby the team actively share pictures of their best displays and collaborate on how to assist each other to meet and uphold merchandising standards. The next step is to roll out the initiative countrywide.

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