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Twisco goes from strength to strength in Algeria

Twisco, the delicious chocolate instant beverage, is becoming more and more the consumer’s first choice in Algeria. The product was launched in 2008 in a uniquely designed jar to compete with a range of long-time established brands. Today, those same brands tremble at our feet. Why? Because Twisco offers the choice of quality!

Twisco was introduced into the market in 2008, recording just over 10 tons of sales on average per month. The brand started off with only one SKU, a 300g plastic jar that immediately gained brand visibility on the Algerian shelves. Today, 4 years later, Twisco has become No.2 on the market with monthly average sales amounting to not less than 80 tons per month. Let us have a closer look at the brand’s critical success factors.

Excellent cocoa powder quality. Currently no other local competitor offers the same quality as Twisco. Knowing our Managing Director, Dirk Laeremans and his love for Ghana, it is no surprise to anybody that we choose Ghanaian cocoa powder - the best in the world.

Successful SKU extensions. In 2011, 3 other SKU’s joined the ubiquitous Twisco jar. Two refill block bottoms (300g and 450g) were introduced along with a new flavour: Twisco Choco-Caramel, also in a 300g jar. Sales climbed from 450 tons to 560 tons, which represents growth of 24%! In July this year a new SKU will be added to the winning team: Twisco Choco-Moka, again in a 300g jar.

Smart ingredient innovation. There is something unique about Twisco Choco-Moka: It contains carob powder, a natural cocoa powder replacer. In fact, under the pressure of high cocoa prices, finding a cocoa-replacement solution became more and more critical. The carob tree, commonly known as St-John’s-bread, grows naturally in Algeria. The Algerian family, Boublenza, industrially transforms the trees’ seed pods into a very competitive (about 1/5th of the cocoa powder price) cocoa powder replacer that allowed us to substitute 25% of the cocoa powder that the Twisco Choco-Moka would normally contain.

In time, we know Twisco will become even more successful and will definitely eventually be No. 1. Watch this space.

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