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The Onga Conquest reaches across the DRC

For more than 10 years Congolese cooks have adopted Onga powder to enhance their dishes.

In 2017, Onga revolutionised the Congolese culinary world by introducing the biggest tablet (12g) in the Congolese seasoning market. The Onga tablet is transforming all simple Congolese dishes into masterpieces.

Since February 2018, Onga Cubes and new tablets flavours have been launched to conquer the market. From then on the Onga quest around DRC started.

In a nutshell, the DRC has 26 provinces, 4 national languages, hundreds of dialects and different culinary habits. For this reason, Onga has decided to honour Congolese cooks by visiting them across the country.

We started in the capital, Kinshasa, moved through Kasaï provinces and then took the train to the Copper province (Katanga). From there, we flew to “Grand Kivu” to cook soup in Goma, visited fisherman in Wagenya falls (Tshopo) and finally explored Ituri’s hectic roads.

The Onga team not only sampled, tasted and explained to Congolese cooks and laymen the benefits in using the Onga range for their dishes, but also rewarded the best cooks of each province, with the aim of eventually selecting the best cooks in the DRC.

This conquest is not only restricted to kitchens, but also includes churches, houses, restaurants and more. Our aim is to create a special bound between Onga and the Congolese, and we have succeeded, since Onga is now a must-have in every Congolese kitchen.