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The Cowbell Zambezi Trek

Sponsored by Cowbell, Intrepid adventurer, David Lemon (67 years old) has embarked upon a solo expedition to walk the length of the mighty Zambezi river, from the source to the sea, an incredible distance of 3540km. He will walk as close to the river’s edge as nature allows and expects to complete this trek in 10 months. His epic journey began on 25th of April 2012 at 13:33pm.

So far David has covered 650km of a very meandering route, having had to cut out the Angola leg. He has cut his arms and legs on vegetation, broken his fishing rod and lost his camera in the Zambezi! Both of these will be replaced next week when Victor Mwansa (Promasidor Zambia) meets up with him in Mongu. Andy Taylor (MD, Promasidor Zambia) will then meet him in Senanga a few weeks later. His re-supply list is quite lengthy and includes Cowbell, Onga and Drink-O-Pop. He is also desperate for a rump steak, so Andy will take along a skottel (gas burner) and cook him one on the banks of the great river.

David was well fed at a mission called Chitokoloki, which is run by an American called Gordon Hanna. Promasidor supplies Gordon with Cowbell for his orphanage. Very sadly, a few days later, two of the other missionaries, Mr. and Mrs. Ericson, crashed their light aircraft into power lines and then into the Zambezi as they were returning to Chitokoloki. Regrettably they did not survive. Our condolences to their friends and family.

Watch this space for more on the expedition as it unfolds.

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