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The African Leadership Academy produces another Gem

Polite, unassuming yet fiercely determined were our first impressions of Gordon Selasi Dogbe, Promasidor most recently sponsored student at the African Leadership Academy (ALA). We invited him around to our offices in Bruton Road to get a sense of what his academic interests are and what he hopes to achieve in the future.

Promasidor: How did you first hear of the ALA?

Gordon: I was in the school library, at my last school in Ghana, paging through some old history books when I came across an application form for the ALA. One question stuck out for me: “Describe a time when you demonstrated leadership qualities”. A teacher was about to cane a pupil in class and I stood up and told him he was wrong. I also had to convince my parents that I was the right fit for the Academy. After some persuading, thankfully they agreed.

Promasidor: How did Promasidor get involved?

Gordon: Robert Rose came to give a guest talk at the ALA and he decided that I was worthy of support from Promasidor. Between Promasidor and my parents my education is paid for.

Promasidor: Tell us how the ALA has made a difference to your education.

Gordon: The ALA experience is really enriching. Both my critical thinking and emotional intelligence have improved. My main focus is on business and development studies, in addition to leadership and entrepreneurial skills. I also get to interact with like-minded students from across the continent.

Promasidor: You have plans when you go back to Ghana in June for your summer holidays. Tell us a little more about that.

Gordon: I have a market research internship set up with one of the top companies there and I’m very excited about that. I will also spend some time at the Promasidor offices in Ghana. I’m also in the process of setting up an organisation called “Start-up Ghana”. I want to bring students together from all over Ghana to set up business ventures within a sixty-hour period. I want to help students with their self-belief and realising their own ideas. For more info, go to

Promasidor: What does the future hold for you after the ALA?

Gordon: After the ALA I will be taking a gap year to set up ventures in Ghana. After that, I wish to attend Babson College in Boston, the best entrepreneurial school in the world. I intend to take a four-year graduate degree in International Business Management. Part of my contract with the ALA is that after college I must return to Ghana for at least 10 years to share my knowledge and skills, and build my own business. I fully intend to honour this.

There’s no doubt that Gordon has a great future ahead of him. We all wish him all the best in whatever direction life may take him.

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