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Sossi teaches life skills at teen holiday camp in Nairobi

Recently Promasidor Kenya, partnered with Eneza Africa who specialize in providing unique educational out-of-class experiences to young people and children. Eneza Africa facilitated a 5-day teen camp at the Rowalland Scouts campsite based just outside Nairobi.

Rahab Thitai, director of the Infill Academy and coordinator of Eneza Africa, asserts that camps have proven to be excellent conduits to teach and train young people in a fun environment. “This is our first ever camp and we are starting with around
30 teens, with time we will grow the number. For this camp, we designed the module of Self Awareness and a theme of “You and your place in the world”. By the end of the camp we hope that the young people will understand who they are and how to work with others better.

In imparting life skills Eneza Africa invited the Sossi brand to teach young children how to make simple, healthy dishes from scratch in a bid to help the teens acquire knowledge through experience. Sossi brand ambassadors engaged the teens by taking them through brand knowledge and sharing the nutritional and consumer benefits of the product. Armed with brand information the next step was setting up the children to prepare ingredients and cook up some simple dishes such as Sossi mince stew, dry fry, Sossi coconut stew and Sossi pilau.

While interacting with the teens, who attend high schools and universities across the country, it emerged that though the majority have tried Sossi, none were aware of how versatile and easy to prepare the product was. The teens were pleasantly surprised with the different textures and flavours achieved with various recipes. The Sossi brand ambassadors encouraged the teens to take their newly learned skills and apply them at home, in campus and at every opportunity availed.

The proportion of youth aged between 15 and 24 in Kenya is one of the highest globally (according to the Population Reference bureau PRB) and stands at 20.3%. This underscores how important it is for Sossi to continue the partnership with Eneza Africa and other like-minded organisations as we look to understand the needs of the youth and tap into their market.