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Sossi Premier League

An elite squad, named the Sossi Premier League and consisting of administration and production staff, was set up to spearhead the Sossi Ambassador Program and help boost Sossi sales. Based on the premise that we all have a responsibility to contribute to the corporate goal, the team is mandated to look at converting non-users into ongoing consumers of Sossi.

Speaking during the brief to the team, Robert Clarke, MD Promasidor Kenya, noted: "Whilst our sales team is primarily responsible for sales, this company is everyone's responsibility. In the month of August we will all be sales people." The premier league was encouraged to target at least two institutions (which could be schools, hospitals, children's homes, or individuals) with the aim of sampling these consumers with the cooked product and showing them how to prepare it.

Rules of the game include acquiring invoices and stock to sell and attaining payments from customers. The premier league performance status is circulated every week to all players to keep tabs and stay ahead of the game. Indeed a fun and collaborative way to sell Sossi!

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