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Sossi joins Ncwala traditional ceremony in Zambia

Sossi fed 2000 Ngoni warriors of Eastern Province of Zambia. The Ncwala Traditional Ceremony is held in February each year by the Ngoni people in the Chipata district and celebrates the first harvests of the year. The ceremony takes place at Mutenguleni village near Chipata. The celebrants are adorned in leopard skins, wielding spears, clubs, shields and eagle feathers. Speeches are given, people sing and dance and the ground literally shakes with the stomping of their feet.

The ceremony climaxes when an Ngoni warrior spears a black bull to death. The bull is actually selected and killed for this occasion.

Another warrior quickly slits the throat and collects the blood, which Chief Mpezeni, wearing leopard skin, drinks. Then, Ngonis cut the carcass with knives. Within a short period the animal is dissected and some parts are eaten right on the sport. Ngoni warriors who are known as hyenas eat some of the raw meat, intestines and organs.

The stomping, dancing and revelry-making goes on for three days, starting from Luangeni and culminating at Mutenguleni!