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Sossi energizes regatta racers at kuomboka ceremony in Zambia

Promasidor Zambia partnered up with the Lozi people of the Western province of Zambia to celebrate the Kuomboka Ceremony—their most popular cultural event. This ceremony takes place at the end of the rainy season, when the upper Zambezi River floods the plains of the Western Province of Zambia. The festival celebrates the move of the king from his summer palace in the floodplains to his winter palace on higher ground.

One of the highlights of this festival is the amateur regatta race that precedes the sailing of the royal barge. The race, on the majestic Zambezi River, in front of a local and international crowd of more than 50,000, attracts the best of paddlers in the Kingdom, who hope to impress enough to be recruited to the crew of elite paddlers who navigate the royal barge.

Explaining the decision to sponsor the race, Socrates, the Sossi and Cowbell Brands Manager states: “The race showcases the best of talent in the Kingdom—young men and women, full of energy and brain power—exactly what the SOSSI brand essence is all about.”

The Prime minister of the Establishment, on behalf of the King of the Lozi people, thanked Promasidor’s contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage in Zambia as he shared the podium with Promasidor Brand Managers to award prizes to winners.