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Sossi backs up campaign with a variety of cooking segments

Cold, rain and wind greeted the team as we arrived in Cape Town. We were there to do a shoot for Sossi in the kitchens of the Buchanan Group, who had offered us such a great deal that it made sense for Murray Macintosh and myself, Mike Pollecutt, to fly down from Johannesburg, along with Mark William and Victoria Mwanzia from the Promasidor Kenya office. Joining us were a producer, a nutritionist and a local celebrity by the name of Jacqueline Nyaminde, all from Kenya.

The task was to shoot 12 two-minute cooking segments based on recipes developed for Sossi Mince and Pieces. Jacqueline hosted the show, introducing each cooking segment and taking us through the ingredients. The nutritionist, who gave nutritional insights about soya, supported her. All in all it took seven days to shoot: two for the on-camera performances and another five to shoot the recipes themselves, as each had to be recreated in the studio kitchen.

The Buchanan Group, known more for their “Brand Power” TV commercials, allowed us the run of their facilities. Their studio kitchens are well designed and specifically set-up to allow for hassle-free shooting from all angles. They also supplied all the crew we needed, from cameramen to food stylists.

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