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Reaching for the stars with Young Stars Congo

Key components in the lives of the Congolese people are music, dance and the performing arts. So, every month for the last six years, we have held our Young Stars event.

A TV and radio advertising campaign in the lead-up creates a positive buzz around the event, and ensures we always have impressive attendance figures, in the region of 1,500 people. Young people, from across the city, are invited to attend, to perform a pre-prepared skit or activity, alone or, often, in a group. Their efforts are judged by our panel of local artists, who then award prizes, which range from company-sponsored sporting equipment to school stationery.

This event is very popular as it engages directly with the community. It draws on, and encourages, local Congolese cultural interests and activities. It is designed with an emphasis on learning, whether that be singing, dancing, picking up new languages, or writing and drawing, and people of all ages are welcome. It is very much a fun day out for all the family!

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