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Promasidor Zambia upgrades with new premises in Lusaka

On Friday 9 August 2013, Mr. Andy Taylor, MD for Promasidor Zambia, popped a bottle of Champagne to officially open the new and upgraded office in Lusaka.

Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, is now home to a population of more than 2 million people, with a rapidly growing middle class. The boom in the mining sector has brought about a transformation in infrastructure, as evidenced by the number of construction cranes that tower over the outskirts of the city centre.

To fit in with this modernized landscape, Promasidor Zambia has given particular attention to the “7th P” of marketing, namely “physical evidence”, to ensure that our offices reflect the corporate and brand image that we stand for. The new office and warehouse are located in a good area of the city of Lusaka, with clean surroundings and sufficient parking.

Sharon, an employee in the account department remarks:” If you are confident about your personal image it then becomes easier to confront the world around you with conviction and a sense of pride. This is how I feel being in this new office.”

Martin, who has been part of the sales team for over 15 years, reminisced: “16 years ago, when we started, there was only one desk in the office for the manager. Now the entire sales team can sit comfortably around a conference table and plan for the week. I feel that I am a professional salesman and it affects my performance as well.”

We trust that these new facilities will continue to refresh our esteemed customers and our dedicated members of staff as they work tirelessly to deliver an efficient and cost effective service.

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