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Promasidor Zambia prolongs World Cup fever through the Cowbell/ Supa Strikas Promotion

After the close of the 2018 Football World cup, Promasidor Zambia has continued to excite young soccer lovers with the Supa Strikas/Cowbell Promotion. In a “Circus comes to town” style, the team developed an integrated activation plan to take entertainment to young football fans in municipality parks, schoolgrounds and sporting venues in high density townships. At the activation venue, crowds of eager kids, each holding an empty sachet of cowbell in hand (the required participation fee), waited impatiently to be admitted to the challenge. Skilled football jugglers took contestants on a three-stage challenge, starting with an easy quiz on product knowledge, then juggling a ball for 20 seconds, and finally taking penalty shoot-outs. Contenders who successfully completed all three stages of the challenge were rewarded with branded Cowbell/ Supa Strikas T-shirts and caps.

In a parallel activation program targeting schools, children aged 6 to 15 are encouraged to purchase a sachet of Cowbell from their school tuck shop and redeem a copy of the Supa Strikas comic book from the shopkeeper. On the social media front, the Cowbell facebook page continues to keep the excitement going among fans through engaging posts of Supa Strikas team players.

Socrates Mwenge, the Brand Manager supervising these activations, is delighted by the results achieved so far: “The campaign has revived brand love among our target—especially the young people! In July we achieved close to double the forecasted volumes of cowbell 13g sachet and the trend is continuing into August."

Muvi TV, the biggest private TV station in Zambia, has so far aired close to 40 Supa Strikas shows as part of this integrated campaign, which runs until the end of this year.