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Promasidor Tanzania brings Sossi to the market

With much fanfare, Sossi was unveiled to the media at the Lamada Hotel in Dar Es Salaam. Promasidor MD, David Draude, focused his speech to the media and invited guests on affordability of the product, the many ways to prepare it and its nutritional benefits.

“The initial market focus Sossi will be in Dar es Salaam, were we have already had a 30 minute discussion on TV and the public response is most encouraging”, said Mr Draude. Road shows around the city have commenced, with dancers in action. During the event, the guests were treated to two dance performances that highlighted the benefits of the product. The first told the story of people who are initially not interested in Sossi, but after tasting it, simply can’t get enough and chase after it. The second told the story of a tired old man, who, after tasting Sossi, becomes much healthier and sprightly.

Many guests at the launch thought it was meat and could not believe it was Soya!

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