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Promasidor partners with Ajinomoto

Ajinomoto’s philosophy is simple: eat well, live well. It was this thinking that inspired the first umami seasoning over 100 years ago and Ajinomoto has continued to create scientifically proven products in the interests of good health. Their mission is to contribute to the world’s “food” and “wellness” and create better lives for the future. Their vision is to become a genuine global food company group with specialties guided by their leading edge bioscience and chemical technologies. A common attitude shared in the Ajinomoto group is to create new value and contribute to society with a pioneering spirit.
Since it’s establishment, Ajinomoto has expanded into a host of new product sectors. Food products include seasonings, condiments, soups, cereals, coffee products and more, . They have also expanded into pharmaceutical and healthcare, bioscience products and fine chemicals, sports supplements and more. Food products account for nearly 75% of group sales which are over $10 billion annually.
Ajinomoto operates across the globe employing over 33 000 people, with over 50% of sales now outside Japan and growing fast. It employs over 1 700 people in research and development alone, which enables Ajinomoto to be the world leader in amino acid oriented technologies. Being a partner with Ajinomoto means Promasidor will benefit from this technology enabling us to improve the taste and health across our product range, allowing us to continue offering unique and excellent products at value prices as expected by consumers.
We welcome Ajinomoto as partners and are confident that together we will achieve our joint vision, to create Africa’s leading FMCG food business.