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Promasidor Nigeria reaffirms commitment to employee safety and compliance to regulations

Promasidor Nigeria has restated its commitment to ensuring the safety of its employees and risk-free operations, as it remains unwavering in its adherence to health and safety requirements.


This position was recently reinforced at the company’s safety day themed “No Safety, Know Pain”, where stakeholders enlightened the workforce on health and safety measures, both at work and at home.

Addressing the employees, Head of Technical at Promasidor Nigeria, Jean Robert Thouanel, said life is meaningful and worthwhile when we feel safe, and for the company, it is always safety first.

He said Promasidor is pleased to certify that every employee accepts responsibility for their own safety and others around them, as well as stakeholders who may be affected by its operations. “Over the years, Promasidor has continued to improve on its safety consciousness, and as the business grows, it enhances its approach to safe work ethics,” Thouanel said.

He said the company has received commendations from government regulatory agencies and industry associations due to its high level of compliance to health, safety and the environment.

Thouanel, who represented Anders Einarsson, the Managing Director of the company, outlined measures undertaken on work safety to include the provision of the company’s safety manuals to employees and stakeholders, safety induction for every visitor and contractor, and the upgrade of the hose reel system, which complements the fire hydrant system and existing hose reel stations.

Others efforts include the introduction of iron barriers to buffer and protect walkways, in addition to existing vehicular and pedestrian segregation paths; quarterly celebration of near-miss recorders; new outfits for safety marshals as an indication of our strong commitment; and compliance to safety regulations, which have earned the organisation numerous awards. Also, all employees of the company have insurance coverage in case of a work accident.

For upholding safety ethics in the company, Promasidor presented certificates to deserving employees and urged them to be steadfast in their commitment to ensure accident-free operations.

 In his remarks, the guest speaker, Lanre Eyinfunjowo, Managing Director, Donald Resources and Services Limited, who spoke on the topic, Making Safety a Culture, said safety ethics should not end at work but also be imbibed at home.

Eyinfunjowo, who is a safety expert, advised that all employees should have basic safety knowledge and be able to operate equipment like fire extinguishers, even at home as part of the tools to combat fire outbreaks.

He stated that good safety culture can eliminate accidents at work and associated illnesses that may follow many years later, which a company may not envisage.

According to him, the International Labour Organisation’s statistics show that 2.2 million people die every year as a result of accidents in the workplace, and this could be traced back to poor leadership structures in organisations where deaths occur. On this, he commended Promasidor on our existing facilities to ensure work safety.

The safety expert explained that an organisation without proper leadership and safety measures for its workforce could have its corporate image eroded as a result of regular deaths or work-related accidents, also it may have an economic effect on the company, as resources meant for development would be spent on lives and property and also litigation from employees.

On his part, Dr. Godwin Efobi, Head, Medical, Hygeia HMO, who conducted a health check for employees at the event, enlightened them on what they should know about breast and prostate cancer.

He pointed out the symptoms associated with both types of cancer, how breast cancer can be identified in women and men, as it is not related to the female folks alone.

He advised his audience to seek the assistance of medical practitioners at the early stage of affliction. This includes regular medical check-ups in order to be physically fit for work.

While adhering to health, safety and environment compliance, Promasidor has earned recognition from the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, which conferred the ‘Best Kept Industrial Premises’ award on the company. It has also received commendations from the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, the Lagos State Fire Service and the National Environmental Standards and Regulatory Enforcement Agency.