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Promasidor Malawi’s newest baby continues to thrive

Moses, the baby elephant, continues to explore his world. He is a bit taller now and his trunk a bit longer so he can reach new heights. Food can no longer be left on the dining room table unattended as the plates crashing down after a ‘trunk investigation’ create havoc. He can now reach up to the lower shelf of the bar so everything has moved up a level. He loves carrying things around in his trunk - a little basket is one of his favourite toys and money holds a huge attraction. Coins are pushed around on the floor and notes are scrunched up and carried around in his trunk until, to his great disgust, one of the carers takes them away.

Moses is now 3 months old and so we are having to adjust the formulation of his milk again, elephant milk changes in protein content, fat content and lactose content as the baby grows which means that we have to try and emulate this as best we can with the ingredients we have available. This is always a bit of a nerve-wracking time as we know that every time we adjust the formula it does take a few days for his digestive system to adapt, which means that his dung gets very loose and the quantities increase. We have to do these increases in very small steps and one ingredient at a time whilst watching closely for reactions so that we can make adjustments if necessary. We will keep adjusting his formula every few months throughout his 4 years of milk dependency but as he gets older he will adjust to changes more easily. Luckily for us a lot of people have been down this road before us and done the research so that we are able to emulate what they have proven to be the best methods.

He remains a happy little chap who “rules the roost” he has decided that dogs are allowed in the house during the day but if they dare to come in at night time they get chased outside very quickly. Cats are cool and they can come in any time and if they come close to them he gives them a gentle stroke with his trunk.

I was given a “serious lecture” yesterday evening as I was helping Louise set up for the David Kelly exhibition, and so arrived home just after dark to be met by a very cross little elephant, who lay next to me rumbling and grunting for nearly an hour with his trunk wrapped tightly round my arm as if he was telling me exactly how irresponsible I was to leave him with Matimat when, according to his routine, it was my turn to be on duty. He did get over his grump though, fell asleep and by the 8 o’clock feed everything was back to normal. It was worth putting up with the lecture to be able to briefly see the exhibition whilst we were setting up the “Moses corner”. David’s paintings, as usual, were brilliant, and perhaps I am biased but I did think that the two he did to sell on a silent auction to raise funds for Moses were the best of the lot. He did a small painting of Moses and a big painting of a majestic bull elephant to “pictorialise” our vision of where Moses will be one day in the future.

Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors - May has been a great month! Without your help we really could not be doing what we are, and I am sure if Moses could write he would be thanking you all personally.

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