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Promasidor Malawi gets great value out of Roundabout advertising

Malawi is now 6 months into their advertising campaign on 26 roundabout sites and has had a very positive response from the communities around the sites. People now associate our brands with helping to provide water to the local community, thus achieving visual brand awareness as well as a positive PRO aspect within the community.

The roundabouts are attached to water pumps placed into wells and the kids from the local schools essentially pump water into the overhead storage tanks whilst playing on the roundabout. The cost of drilling the wells, installation of the pumps and the water tanks are borne by the NGO responsible and the money that we pay for advertising on the water tanks is used by the NGO to maintain the water pumps.

Each water tank is branded on all 4 sides with a brand per side. The height of the water tank helps to provide good visibility very similar to a billboard and, due to the fact that it is out of reach, is protected from vandalism and graffiti, which is often a problem with signage that is placed closer to the ground.

The cost of this advertising is $100 per site per month together with a one off cost of printing and applying the stickers to the tank stands. We believe that these stickers should last at least 2 years and we also believe that the positive spinoff is greater than simply advertising on a billboard. The only real risk is that if the NGO does not maintain the water pump as agreed we could be seen as being responsible for the fact that the community does not have water. But we mitigate this risk by checking regularly on the condition of the pumps and should any pumps not be in a good condition will withhold payment to the NGO until such time as they repair the pump.

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