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Promasidor launches Cowbell Naija Quest Promo

Promasidor Nigeria has embarked on a nationwide consumer promo for Cowbell Chocolate and strawberry sachets called the Cowbell Naija Quest. It works like this: inside every promotional Cowbell Choco or Strawberry sachet is a either one of 24 destination stickers or one of four prize stickers. Consumers need to collect five stickers to qualify for a prize. Four of the stickers would be of destinations around Nigeria and the fifth is a sticker of a one of four different prizes: Bicycles, electronic pads, school kits and PlayStations. Consumers also received a Naija Quest map, onto which they could affix their destination stickers. So kids not only get the chance to win great prizes, but also the opportunity to learn about their heritage and the cultural riches of their country.

Speaking at the launch of the promo in Lagos over the weekend, Mr. Kachi Onubogu, Marketing Director of the company said the objective of the Naija Quest promo is to educate Nigerian kids about the country, adding that it is going to be the biggest thing that has happened from a promotional standpoint. He also said it is very educational and goes to the heart of what the brand stands for: a product which is good for strong bones and healthy teeth; intellectual development in terms of having knowledge of who we are, who our nation is and, bringing that together will be fun and interesting.

The promotion roll-out included TV, radio, POS, outdoor and an interactive website.

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