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Promasidor Kenya takes the Sossi message door-to-door

Promasidor Kenya has embarked on a door-to-door campaign targeting populous residential areas in Nairobi. The aim was to teach housewives and house helpers not only how to prepare Sossi using the standard recipe, but also how to use it in local Kenyan dishes. So far more than ten high population areas have been targeted and we have reached 37,000 consumers.

Six teams in branded vehicles targeted the estates, talking to consumers and inviting them to a common area to explain the benefits of the product and demonstrate its versatility by incorporating it into various meals.

The exercise involved conducting cooking demonstrations and wet sampling. The consumers also had their own questions on preparation and nutritional benefits answered. All participants were rewarded with a free sample in exchange for their telephone numbers. We then followed up with these consumers to assess if they had cooked the Sossi sample correctly and had purchased the product. The key measurables included consumers visited, sampled and converted; database collection; and trade listing.

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