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Promasidor Kenya is spreading the love

Neighboring Promasidor Kenya’s factory, is Mlolongo primary school, which provides free primary school education to almost 1,350 pupils. Earlier in the year, learning was greatly affected when the institution was closed due to safety concerns arising from structural issues.

The local community stepped in and assisted in addressing some of the issues. With the rallying call of “love your community”, “spread the love” and “be a catalyst”, individuals and corporates partnered in raising funds with the aim of building and rebuilding school facilities, such as the toilets and the kitchen, along with cleaning and painting classrooms. Also top of their priority list is equipping the school with desks and books, as well as school uniforms for the children. This will be achieved in various phases.

Promasidor Kenya joined this initiative by sponsoring a wholesome and nutritious Sossi meal for all the 1,000 helpers. The meal was well received and we will partner with the school in their future lunch programs.