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Promasidor Kenya Change Management Update

We began a journey at the beginning of this year, which was all about changing the culture within our company, because we believe any organization can only develop provided it creates an environment in which all employees can succeed.

First of all we established our vision, as every journey requires a destination:

"To consistently provide high quality and nutritious food products that represent everybody's brand of choice, everywhere, everyday."

Then we established our Objective: "To become a One Billion Shilling Business within three years." And then, perhaps most importantly, we identified core values that we require throughout our organization and from all our employees.

1. Accountability – It starts and ends with ME.

2. Respect – Treat others as you expect to be treated.

3. Honesty – Be true to yourself and others Acknowledge your mistakes.

4. Quality – Excellent products, services and people.

5. Communication – We understand each other.

We try to live these values in all we do. In order to embed these values throughout the organization we have:

a. Incorporated our core values into our Personnel Appraisal system so that we judge all our employees on all of these aspects.

b. For our leadership team, we have also included a 360 degree feedback appraisal that ensures that we, as a management team, lead by example.

c. Each function has set at least five functional priorities that are monitored & evaluated on a monthly basis by our HR manager and also on a quarterly basis in our leadership meeting.

d. The main elements of our 2015 plan are reviewed by the leadership team through our monthly Business Planning Meeting.

e. We are working towards being certified as IMS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems & ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems.

This Integrated Management System will combine all of our systems and processes into one complete framework that can help to effectively and efficiently deliver our objectives.

f. Development of safety and health awareness programs like training, audits and raising of STOP cards (Safety Training Observation Program card) that help to sustain a strong safety and health pillar at our work place.

g. All employees are informed of the achievements made so far in our culture change and 2015 plans through our intranet, internal quarterly newsletter and company staff briefing held once every quarter. So, by incorporating our vision and values at the heart of our organisation we will achieve our objective.

Since it is about changing our employees' way of thinking and how they view things, we have introduced an incentive based on a departmental achievement vs target. This acts as a means of accelerating our speed to culture change. Every quarter, in our leadership meeting, we determine the department of the quarter based on achievement of the set functional priorities.

The winning department gets a trophy and lunch at their preferred hotel.

We can't wait to see who takes the quarter 3 trophy.

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