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Promasidor Kenya begins the Sossi “Soak & Cook” Demos

Two of the major setbacks PKL has faced in recent times are the challenge of lapsed users and people who have still not tried the product.

During various interactions with consumers it has become apparent that upon tasting the product in wet demos or at company organized korogas (cookouts), consumers love the taste of Sossi.

"We have noted with concern that majority of consumers like the taste and texture of Sossi when we prepare it for them, however for various reasons once they prepare the product by themselves it backfires" explained Mark Williams, Kenya's Marketing Director. "We have resolved to do all that is necessary to reverse these experiences and perceptions by practically teaching consumers a simplified cooking method that involves soaking the product to prevent caramelizing and burning," he added.

Williams further explained that the "soak and cook" approach is addressing the challenge presented by users who have prior experience of the brand, but were disappointed. Most important is that even the non-users, who are estimated to be 80% of consumers, are now also learning the right cooking methods from the onset through the targeted approach. The entire market is estimated to be 8 million households.

The "soak and cook" demos targets residents in both Nairobi and its environs, aiming to reach up to 72,000 consumers through door-to-door activations per month. Another 15,000 consumers are targeted at rural market centres through roadshows every month.

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