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Promasidor Kenya: A Change Programme

A lot has changed in Promasidor in recent years. The Nutro business has been sold and we have consolidated all operations within one company. We have also moved premises, so that we are a smaller and more integrated organization.

Therefore we saw an opportunity for Promasidor Kenya Limited to really drive change in all aspects of our business by reinventing the company. Our business results have not been as consistent as we would like and whilst this is partly about product acceptance, it's also about employee attitudes. We recognize that if we work together, with common understanding and a very clear view of our priorities and values, then we will succeed more consistently. In October last year the Leadership Team agreed to start a culture change programme ready for implementation in January 2015.

Phase 1. Identifying the change.

First of all we brought a team of young employees together, from different functions, to identify the main drivers of change in our organization. The team worked with Caroline and Robert in order to develop a long-term vision, objectives and core values that we will live by. After a lot of debate and analysis we developed the following:

Our Vision

To consistently provide high quality and nutritious food products that represent everybody's favourite brands of choice. Everywhere, every day.

Our Objective

To be a one billion Shilling business within three years.

Our Core Values

  • Accountability – we accept responsibility for doing what we agree to do. No excuses. It starts and ends with us.
  • Respect– We treat each other with respect and acknowledge effort.
  • Honesty– Be open, honest and trustworthy.
  • Quality– Is at the centre of everything we do.
  • Communication – Simply and easily understood.

Phase 2. Implementing the change.

As we built our plan for 2015, all departments incorporated the values we identified within the Change Programme as part of their departmental priorities.

Phase 3. Communicating the change

On December 18th 2014 we launched the Change Programme to all employees.

We set up a series of tents where all departments were able to explain and demonstrate how they had incorporated the values into their plans.

All Departments were able to explain their plans clearly for 2015 and how they would achieve their priorities for the year. All employees were able to visit every department tent so that, by the end of the day everybody had a clear idea of the company's plan for 2015.

Phase 4. Monitoring the Change

  • A comprehensive company scorecard has been developed to measure all the main elements of the 2015 plan. This is reviewed monthly by the Leadership Team.
  • The personal appraisal system for 2015 specifically includes the core values, with specific focus on accountability and communication for all employees.
  • Monthly departmental reviews to measure performance against functional priorities.

Phase 5 – Reviewing the change

Total company quarterly reviews to assess progress and goals.

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