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Promasidor honours 148 long-serving staff

On Saturday 15th of March 2014, Promasidor honoured 148 staff members, who have served the company for 10, 15 and, for the first time, 20 years, along with their families, in an atmosphere of great fanfare.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief Keith Richards, Managing Director/Chief Executive of Promasidor Nigeria said the ceremony was an opportunity for the company to assemble its long serving staff together. He said the company was honouring and celebrating 148 long serving staff who had, over the years, exhibited exceptional aptitude for work in the company, adding that they will be regarded as Promasidor ambassadors in their respective locations in the company and in the country as a whole.

Richards said the objectives of the awards were to appreciate and reward their employees for hard work and years of service, create a forum to socialise with one another and provide a medium of relaxation, information and entertainment for all Promasidor staff concerned, and provide an avenue to celebrate and promote the image of the company as well as its products.

The Chief Executive congratulated all the awardees and especially the 20 years awardees saying, "you are the proof of how much Promasidor values her employees as the most invaluable asset it has ever got." The 10 years awardees got a big Samsung fridge, 15 years 5 KVA Honda generators while the 20 years awardees were given LG LED television sets. A raffle draw was also held for the family members of the awardees to win exciting gifts such G-Ipads, electric kettles, blenders, pressing irons and food processors.

In an interview, Engineer Ogbe Godspower, Technical Coordinator and one of the five 20 years awardees said he has been able to work in the company for that long because it is like a family. He said the founding managing director was very friendly and appreciated people who worked hard and motivation had been very high.

Ogbe, who was the first engineer to be employed by the company at its inception in 1993, said in those days the work was very challenging, but he felt encouraged, because he knew the future would be bright. "When we started, we were begging people to come and work with us, but today everybody wants to work with the company," Ogbe said.

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