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Promasidor Ghana strengthens bonds with its customers

In a market where competition is ever on the increase and where control of distribution channels is hard fought, Promasidor Ghana has acquired a strong reputation for running a unique customer model.

A major part of this unique and successful model by PGL has been a close relationship with its distributors over the years. As part of its drive, PGL has introduced customer appreciation forums dubbed “The Partner Dialogues” and this year’s edition was held across the four major sales areas.

The objective of the meetings was to bring the management of the PGL into close contact with its key customers and listen to them on issues of importance to both PGL and the customers.

Each meeting venue was carefully chosen to provide the best of facilities as a sign that PGL held its customers in the highest esteem. Each meeting commenced with a review of PGL’s business in 2012, showing sales volume trends for the various brands. The presentation also touched on what the critical issues to be tackled in 2013 would be, what could be improved and what role PGL would be expecting its distributors to play to achieve the year’s targets.

The presentation set a good tone for the extremely riveting discussion that would follow as customers brought their views and suggestions to the fore. Others also sought important clarification on major policy issues.

After the discussions came the highlight of the meetings where appreciation was shown to distributors whose performances had been excellent in the 2012 business year. A total of 67 awards were given out valued at $100,000.

The end of each the meetings saw the customers being treated to a sumptuous array of local and continental cuisine of course ‘powered’ by Onga; a befitting part of the intended royal treatment for them.

The efforts of key distributors were identified as one of the major pillars of the awesome growth experienced by PGL in 2012. It is clear that our customers are poised to push even harder in 2013 and especially as these meetings have made them feel even more a part of our success story.

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