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Promasidor Ghana launches Cowbell Gold to the staff

Hundreds of employees of Promasidor Ghana have expressed their excitement about the newest addition to the wide range of Cowbell products. The product, Cowbell Gold, was introduced to the staff of the company through a colourful event that took most employees by surprise. Each employee was given an exclusive treat as they walked down a Gold carpet to enjoy the chocolaty Cowbell Gold food drink and pick up the special Cowbell Gold bar made for them. Three lucky employees were chauffeured to a destination of their choice on separate occasions after they each won the special limousine raffle, which was the climax of the launch.

Speaking at the event, Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Timo Van Vooren, expressed the importance of staff engagement in introducing new products into the market. “Our employees represent the company in their respective communities and they are our first ambassadors for every product we introduce into the market. This staff launch is to introduce Cowbell Gold to all staff before the public launch so they can confidently talk about it in their communities,” Mr Timo said.

Cowbell Gold is a chocolate food drink, which is rich in energy and fortified with the needed nutrients to keep the body empowered for its day-to-day activities.