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Promasidor Congo continues to support Disadvantaged Women and Children across Brazzaville and Pointe Noire

Promasidor Congo understands the commercial need for a continuous and meaningful dialogue with the grassroots communities of its markets, which is why we have partnered with Actions Solidarite Internationale, who work hard to bring women and their children off the streets to provide them with healthcare, clothing and temporary accommodation.

They also offer education in the form of literacy and mathematics classes, as well as apprenticeship-type training geared to help these vulnerable women to generate an independent income. Promasidor Congo is exploring the possibility of training some of those who have passed through ASI, with a view to part-time employment, the strongest performers possibly joining the business on a longer-term basis.

The Cowbell and Mixwell brands both feature in all of ASI media marketing material, which translates into regular coverage across local, national, TV, print, and online press.

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