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Promasidor Algeria’s vision for the future

Promasidor Djazair has been growing considerably with the new brand extensions and the acquisition of Le Berbère, along with the its factory and 300 employees.

Now is the time for Promasidor Djazair to rethink its footprint in Algeria, by boosting innovation and making itself agile and ready for the future. To reach this vision, Promasidor Djazair’s top management held a reflection weekend in Tunisia early in November. Accompanied by two professional coaches, the management team has worked together and shared their ideas to find the best way to put the new footprint in place.

In addition to strengthening the already existing strong links among top management, six big projects were launched together with the coaches and 45 Promasidor Executives have been selected to define the roadmaps and the implementation of these 6 big projects immediately after getting back to Algeria.

The six projects are Culture Value and behaviour; Agility and Organizational Efficiency; Management, Leadership, Inspiration and Motivation; Recognize and Make our Talents Evolve; Performance Indicators; and Promasidor’s Imprint. Based on the principle of inclusion, these wide-ranging projects will be extending through 3 phases and include more and more of our staff until June 2018.

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