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Promasidor Algeria looks to SA to produce the new Twisco TVC

Developed by Promasidor Alegria's local Advertising agency, MMC-DDB, the new Twisco TVC is a fantasy adventure that combines live action with animation. The commercial starts with a tired young boy sitting with his parents in the kitchen at breakfast time. His mother hands him a mug of Twisco and, as he takes a sip, he immediately perks up. At the same time the Twisco character comes to life and the whole environment changes into one made of chocolate.

To bring the concept to life, the marketing team in Algeria turned to South Africa, where the animation skills and expertise are second to none. Luma Animation, one of South Africa's , and the world's, top aniamtion companies was chosen to do the job. The team from Algeria made a trip to South Africa to supervise the live action shoot, much of which was shot against a green screen to facilitate the animated backgrounds. Though techincally complicated, the shoot went off without a hitch.

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