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Promasidor Algeria launches the Spirit in Action internal project

At Promasidor Djazair we believe in the importance of our values. After having communicated them earlier this year, the Corporate Communication Department has now launched an internal competition to make them live internally through all levels of the company.

Combined in the acronym E.S.P.R.I.T each initial represents a pillar of Promasidor’s Development program: Excellence, Service, Passion, Research, Integrity and Talent. All of these values constitute the profile of the executives that we strive to have at Promasidor Djazair.

Because we value every single Talent at Promasidor, we have put together teams consisting of 6 executives. These teams represent different departments and aim to bring our executives together to work closely and identify problems to be solved after 8 weeks. The members of the team are rotated in order to include as many executives as possible within a year. Our Promasidorians have all shown great interest in the project, bringing to it their acumen and creativity.

In the Esprit En Action Project, each executive can be a project manager for 2 months, with the duty of increasing interactions between departments, promoting excellence, improving the internal service, innovating and have the team’s ideas heard, express their talent and work in a more dynamic environment. In December next year, an event is to be held, in order to reward the best team per value as well as the overall  number one team, which will win the first session of this project. More news regarding this project is coming soon.

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