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Promasidor Algeria energizes the country with Xplozo

Xploza is the latest brand to join the relatively new energy drink market in Algeria. The product, a powdered energy drink, is the fruit of almost two years of formulation and packaging development. Launched in March this year, Xploza offers the same energy as its liquid equivalent, Red Bull. And through its competitive pricing and unique packaging, the product is a truly innovative concept on the Algerian market.

With a name sounding tailor-made for the Arab Spring, one may wonder where the brand name comes from. “It simply popped out of a brainstorming session, the ones we usually do when we are looking for new ideas”, explains Dirk Laeremans, Managing Director PDZ. “Xploza is in fact the phonetic transcription of ‘explosion’ in Algerian Arab, the perfect fit for an energy drink brand name with impact”.

The energy mix that Xploza contains has been specially developed for the product. The mix consists of the ubiquitous taurin, D-glucuronolactone, guarana, inositol, and ginseng but also contains 80mg of caffeine, the same quantity Red Bull offers to its consumers.

With its eye-catching red packaging, its competitive pricing and its unique positioning, Xploza is set to truly revolutionize the energy drinks market in Algeria. For the first time, a single dose powdered energy drink is available on the Algerian market at a price that is about one fifth of the price of the incumbent leader, Red Bull, making the product affordable for the Algerian youth.

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