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Onga promotes tourism in Ghana through cultural-based reality show

Ghana’s Guinness world record-breaking brand Onga has embarked on a campaign to promote the country as a tourist destination through the support of cultural-based reality shows purposely designed to project Ghanaian culture. In recent times the brand has sponsored three major shows, with the primary objective of showcasing Ghanaian food culture and much more. These shows include Miss Tourism, Miss Asafoutufiami and Ghana’s Most Beautiful. All 3 shows require contestants to display the rich culture of the communities they represent through music, clothing, dance, and food amongst others. Contestants were also quizzed on their knowledge of Ghanaian culture. Popular in all three pageants is the cooking competition organized by Onga for contestants to showcase their culinary skills.

Contestants of the Ghana’s Most Beautiful were tasked with cooking for children of a home. The children were happy to see the contestants and really enjoyed the food, with some kids lining up for more.