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Onga introduces tasty cooking and Ghana’s most beautiful to the people of Accra

The Onga brand continues to receive positive reinforcement from various women’s groups in Ghana. It was therefore not a surprise when Promasidor Ghana was approached by the Miss Ghana Foundation seeking to have Onga partner them in a special cooking event for the 20 finalists of the 2013 competition.

The event venue was situated in the heart of Accra’s central business district and provided the perfect opportunity for the aspiring beauty queens to interact directly with the public that had until then only seen them on television screens. The star quality of the event was further enhanced by the presence of Akosua Agyepong one of Ghana’s foremost contemporary highlife artistes as well as the reigning Miss Ghana, on the panel of judges.

Ina Patty, coordinator for the Miss Ghana pageant remarked, “we are quite excited that for the first time in the history of the Miss Ghana pageant, our contestants have been able to come this close to the public. That bond between the beauty queens and their fans will be invaluable.” 

The primary task of the ladies was to prepare a local dish from their region of origin plus a milk-based dessert. The contestants prepared various dishes, including abunuabunu, a soup made from green leafy vegetables, and a fresh fish stew popularly known as ‘fante-fante’. After an hour of cooking, during which time the audience was treated to various games and performances, the judges went round to inspect each team’s dish and have a taste of what the ladies had prepared in their quest to be crowned Miss Ghana 2013.

The judges finally settled on the Ashanti region team as winners of the cooking challenge. A huge Onga hamper was presented to the winning team with all the other teams getting great consolation prizes.

The crowd thinned out at the end of proceedings, having had their fill of good cooking and celebrities, with the brand Onga foremost in their minds. The association with the glamour of the Miss Ghana beauty queens, whilst at the same time interacting with the everyday people of the Okaishie market, was a rare feat. Onga continues to take territory in the Ghanaian market with innovation and its focus on what attracts the attention of its core target groups. 

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