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Onga Ghana Breaks Guinness World Record for “Longest Table” .

Ghana’s market leader in food seasoning products, Onga, has broken the Guinness world record for the 'Longest Table'. The record was broken under an event dubbed “Onga Longest Feast Table”. Over 3500 Ghanaians including hundreds of kids from different Orphanages and homes were given a great treat at Black Star Square in the capital city of Ghana, Accra. Participants of the event were given goodie bags filled with products and souvenirs from Onga.

This milestone achievement has made Onga, Ghana’s first brand to succeed in registering its name in the Guinness world record. Staple meals representing the 10 different regions in the country were exhibited to display the diverse food culture of the country at the event. Saudi Arabian’s Afia International Company, an edible food oil firm held the earlier record of 1 508m. Onga beat this record with a difference of over 400 meters, resulting in a table length of 1 928m.


Speaking to the media in an interview, Managing Director of Promisador Ghana Ltd, Dirk Laeremans, said the event was aimed at showcasing Ghana’s rich food culture, especially as the country is celebrating its 60th anniversary. “Our aim tonight is not just to break the Guinness World Records but also to showcase to the world the business capacity of Ghana’s rich meals. Onga is very pleased to be a part of Ghana’s development and we hope to make our achievement last a lifetime.”

Several media houses including the BBC thronged the Black Star square to cover world record-breaking event by Onga. The event climaxed with an electrifying musical concert featuring Amakye Dede and Ohemaa Mercy.