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Onga celebrates National Culture And Art Day With Market Women

Onga continues to maintain its position as the sought-after food seasoning in the culinary culture of the people of Ghana. This fact was re-echoed when Onga headlined the national cook-off organized by the Center for National Culture as part of this year’s National Carnival Celebration.

The cook-off, which exhibited the food culture of the Ghanaian community, took place at the Independence Square in Accra. All ten participating teams prepared different local dishes representing the 10 administrative regions in the country.

Ghanaians from all walks of life thronged the independent square to witness the display of cooking skills by all participating teams in the Onga branded kitchen.

Speaking in an interview, Brand Manager for Onga, Mrs. Emmeline Tagoe said, “our local cuisine is never complete without Onga. In fact the different variants of Onga were carefully made with all local dishes in mind. It is not surprising that Ghanaian homes rely heavily on it when making meals for their family”. Mrs. Tagoe also expressed excitement about sponsoring the cook-off. The event was also a collaboration with Greater Accra Market Women Association  

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