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Mixwell Mali supports education through images

“Education through images” is a learning style in which the learner better understands and retains information when ideas, words and concepts are associated with images. Research tells us that the majority of students in a regular classroom need to see information in order to learn it.

Accordingly Mixwell Mali sponsored the Cinekid Festival, which is a program aiming to educate children on civic aspects using videos and images. From 5 February to 7 March, 3 500 children have been reached from 7 schools in different areas of Bamako.

The whole space has been branded Mixwell blue and white thanks to banners, t-shirts for every student and many other visibility tools. In a simple, friendly way, a video explained the manufacturing process and the benefits of vitamins and minerals in our milk. Mixwell’s new character mascot was also part of the event, rewarding kids who gave correct answers to the quiz and bringing laughter and joy to them all.