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Miksi Chocolate nourishes Sierra Leonians

Having chalked up appreciable growth and on the path to becoming the nation’s number one chocolate beverage in a market that is over 70% Muslim, Miksi Chocolate decided to refresh fasting Muslims after the break of fast during the month of Ramadan.

During this year’s Ramadan, Premium Divine Trading executed a brand activation exercise by sampling fasting Muslims at the break of daily fast and prayers at selected mosques. Mixed Miksi Chocolate drinks were available for them to enjoy at Magazine Mosque, Shell Mosque, Up Gun Mosque and the Central Mosque, just to name a few.

Musa Kamara, a businessman, commended Premium Divine Trading for marketing such a nutritious drink, which he said is very rich in nutrients.  “Since the start of  Ramadan, my family I and have been using Miksi Chocolate drink to break our fast and it is very good as it has really nourished us,” he reported.

Prior to the product sampling, the company donated 100 cartons of  Miksi Chocolate to the National Central Mosque, also known as Gadhafi Mosque, situated at Rokupa, in the East End of Freetown, as a show of love for the continuous business support and growth enjoyed among the Muslim community. This was to be distributed among a couple of Mosques throughout Freetown.

Receiving the donation, the Manager of the National Central Mosque, Pa Alhaji M. Sesay, expressed his appreciation to Premium Divine Trading for the kind gesture which he described as good and very timely.

He explained that the 100 cartons of Miksi Chocolate drink will be shared among different mosques within in the East End of Freetown including Masjid Aqsa, Masjid Thaqwa, Masjid Thawba, Masjid Rahman and Masjid Etifak.

He encouraged all to continue enjoying the company’s products especially Miksi Chocolate drink which he said is of high quality and when consumed will definitely nourish all Sierra Leoneans.