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Mama Onga visits the “Village de la femme"

For the second year running, Onga is participating in the “Village de la femme” (VDF), one of the largest women networking hubs in the DR Congo. Over two days, women entrepreneurs can share experiences on diverse subjects such as beauty care, services, fashion, catering and more.

Mama Onga is very supportive of women entrepreunership. For example, on the Onga food tour she handed out prizes to all street restaurants (Malewa), which are mostly managed by women; and the Onga Moziki, which involves meeting with Onga retailers and sharing experiences and commercial advice.

Mama Onga also introduced the new tomato tablet, gave cooking advice and took time to explain the benefits of using Onga seasoning in their dishes. She also revealed the ingredients that go into Onga seasoning, reassuring consumers that Onga is not a chemical product at all, but made from natural ingredients.

Onga staged a concert with the legendary Congolese singer Mbilia Bell, who sang the Onga anthem and several songs of her own. The public was delighted with her performance!