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Maiden edition of the Xploza beach bash in Sierra Leone a great success

As a regular tradition of Sierra Leonians, hundreds of revellers throng the beaches on weekends and public holidays to relax and enjoy themselves. In view of this, Premium Divine Trading harnessed this opportunity to promote its Xploza energy drink to consumers at four different beaches, namely: Aberdeen, Lumley and Godriech and Tokeh, over a three-day period during the New Year weekend.

The brand engagement was organised in collaboration with beach pubs, where revellers were treated to Xploza energy drinks. The pubs’ staff were branded in Xploza T-shirts to bolster the brand’s awareness.

Pub operators and customers alike expressed satisfaction with the product quality and marketing support given the brand and promised to continue enjoying it. Given the success of this event, which is geared towards growing the Xploza brand, we plan to repeat it often throughout the year.