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Loya is reborn in Ghana as premium Hi-Cal

Take the very best grade of full cream powdered milk, add 50 percent more calcium, package it in top grade, attractive packaging and you have the new Loya HiCal.

After 8 years on the Ghanaian market, there seemed no better time to revamp Loya full cream milk powder and introduce it to the Ghanaian market. 

The PGL Sales and Marketing teams, as with all other launches, formed a joint team to handle the launch in order to ensure the best synergy possible between the sales strategy and the marketing strategy. The thrust was simply to position the brand as a premium product by taking it to the target consumers at their preferred shopping points. Activity at these points would be around a uniquely couched sampling concept to attract as much attention as possible.

The launch team, with the help of the marketing communication unit, came up with the idea of serving tea, cereals and smoothies at designated points in the identified shops as a fun way of sampling the product. The smoothies served were developed with the assistance of a chef from the African Regent hotel and the recipes beautifully printed on flyers handed out to patrons.

The mini launch, started in the Accra Mall, recording huge volumes of patrons at the two sampling points set up. The constant flow of shoppers stopping at the immaculately designed and laid out Loya stands was the first sign that the launch was going to be a resounding success. Shoppers entering the mall were attracted by a stand right at the entrance and, after tasting, encouraged to go inside Shoprite and purchase the product.

Shoprite’s sales of the product on the first three days of the launch alone, equalled their entire sales volume of the product in the last 12 months. By the third day, the Loya smoothies had become the centre of attraction in the mall with patrons not seeming to get enough.

All this activity was planned to coincide with the commencement of radio and television commercials in order to further heighten the buzz around the brand.

The mini launch has since moved on to other malls and supermarkets in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi with the team very confident that the reintroduction of Loya Premium has been successful. Sales targets are on course and product trial induced in a substantial number of consumers.

Loya Premium has clearly been put on the path to take a prominent position in the full cream segment of the Ghanaian powdered milk market.

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