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July 2012 Newsletter

It is a pleasure to report that the first half of 2012 was another growth period for Promasidor. Most countries performed exceptionally well and the first half of 2012 would have been even stronger if it were not for the continued Boko Haram-led violence in northern Nigeria. This has resulted in exceptionally trying conditions for the northern population, both from the point of view of difficult living conditions and, of course, difficult trading conditions. The borders of countries neighbouring Nigeria have been closed and curfews have restricted trade.

We, of course, hope and pray that the Government can swiftly resolve the issues and that Nigeria can return to its previous strong growth trends. Whilst northern Nigeria has therefore had its issues we have recently welcomed a new President of Malawi and we are confident she will quickly begin to enhance the prosperity of all Malawians by pursuing the right economic policies for the population.

During the previous President's destructive period in power Promasidor continued to invest in the country and hence we are looking forward to experiencing the future potentially extremely positive years for Malawi.

Looking through the many stories in this newsletter there is further evidence of Promasidor continuing to invest in our countries for the long term. From brand investment in Sossi in Kenya, Twisco in Algeria, Cowbell Choco, Cowbell Strawberry and Top Tea in Nigeria, to investment in the welfare of our consumers through for example the Cowbell Football Academy in Nigeria and the 2012 Cowbell National Cycling Tour of Ghana. Investing in the welfare and health of our consumers through sport is a top priority for Promasidor and we were particularly proud that Cowbell was nominated as the official milk powder of the Nigerian Olympic Team.

We will be giving away some Olympic tickets in Nigeria over the next few weeks and we, of course, hope the lucky winners really enjoy this exciting event. We wish all competitors from all African countries the best of luck in the forthcoming Olympics and we are sure they will make their African continent proud. What is particularly pleasing to see is the continued innovation, particularly in the marketing of our brands where we continue to lead our competitors with innovative campaigns such as the Cowbell Naija Quest Promo, but also in innovative new products such as Xploza in Algeria. It is not therefore surprising that Promasidor gets a mention in the Forbes magazine article entitled "How Companies Overcome Africa's Five Great Challenges"!

The future continues to be bright for Africa and through your hard work, creative minds and innovative ideas Promasidor's future also continues to be bright. Enjoy the read and perhaps one of the stories will inspire you to greater things. Keep up the good work. I am confident the second half of 2012 will be a success for Promasidor.

God bless

Mark Rose

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