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Esther Omari, Promasidor Kenya’s top cook

Esther Omari has hardly left her workstation in her 7 years of service. With a typical daily routine that involves providing staff and guests to the factory with tasty meals and refreshments in the staff canteen, Esther would never have imagined that this could all change so quickly. Then along came Sossi. By learning from top Kenyan Chef Mbogo and also experimenting with different cooking formats, Ester has now become the Sossi Cooking expert.

With the roll out of Sossi to Promasidor Tanzania this May 2012, the management team in Kenya decided to send Esther across the border to show the Promasidor team there how to cook Sossi. Esther showed off her skills by preparing everything from a basic Sossi onion & tomato relish to an omelette to Sossi samosas, as well as a host of other delicious dishes. “My trip was very exciting. I took a flight across the border, which was a first for me as I had never been out of Kenya nor had I ever boarded a flight,” says a delighted Ester.

Her knowledge and passion has seen Esther get increasingly involved in Sossi marketing activities. During a recent Research and Development process, Esther impressed the research team with her knowledge of the Sossi brand in a blind test. She was also “spot on” in taste tests conducted in flavour considerations citing the original flavour against a close replica both in dry & cooked format.

Esther has also been involved in activities such as cooking demonstrations in schools and a Sossi cook up competition (see Sossi radio). Diligence in her work has accorded Esther the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to represent Promasidor Kenya and impart her knowledge and skills onto the bigger Promasidor family. Well done Esther!!

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