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Ekiti State Government and Promasidor Nigeria take delivery of second batch of Jersey heifers for Ikun Dairy Farm

On Thursday, 22 April 2021, Ekiti State Government and Promasidor Nigeria took delivery of 250 pregnant heifers from the United States of America. It is worth noting that this is the second batch of heifers arriving at the farm after the first delivery earlier this year. It is in line with the objectives of the state government and Promasidor to make the dairy farm a model of backward integration on a commercial scale.

Upon calving, the milk production on the farm will definitely be boosted by the Jersey heifers’ arrival as they are expected to produce an average of 20 litres of milk per day per animal.

In a bid to bring the efforts of Promasidor on the farm to fruition, the Ekiti State Government has ensured that all issues with landowners were resolved and full access to land granted for use. They also ensured the connection of the farm to the national grid for regular power supply.

It is important to also mention the immense support from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), which includes access to facilities to boost investment on the farm and their recommendations that aided the smooth importation of the heifers into the country.

The company’s focus to revamp the moribund Ikun Dairy Farm is in line with the Federal Government’s policy on backward integration initiated by the CBN.

Ikun Dairy Farm Limited was incorporated on 22 January 2020 as an integrated agro-allied concern. It is an initiative of Promasidor Nigeria and the Ekiti State Government through its Investment company, Fountain Holdings Limited.