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Cowbellpedia takes to the air in Angola

The new Cowbellpedia television programme aims to encourage academic excellence in primary school students. As we are in the middle of the pandemic, it makes sense to reach families through the medium of television, as they are advised to stay home and ensure social distance. The programme is a way to encourage children to gain healthy eating habits, study, and be the best students in their schools.

“Cowbell Nota 20” is a 10-episode television programme aimed at the entire Angolan family. The 18 student participants will answer questions from the national curriculum in the subjects of Portuguese, mathematics, history and geography, along with general knowledge questions. A unique feature of “Cowbell Nota 20” is that it will also include questions about the nutritional benefits of milk, fulfilling one of the programme's objectives, which is to contribute to sensible eating habits among participants and viewers. In fact, The Bells family is part of the show.

The competition mechanics are simple: if competitors answers questions correctly, they will accumulate points until they reach a maximum score of 20. The participant with the highest score will be the winner and ties are disputed using tiebreaker questions. “Cowbell Nota 20” premiered on 26 August and will be broadcast on Angolan national television in prime time at 7pm, with repeats on the weekend. The 40-minute programme will also be a way to strengthen family bonds and, at the same time, encourage children to learn in a fun way. In this way, the competition is in line with our mission, which was born from the desire to provide quality nutrition for all families.