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Cowbell supports the Dercy Association against sickle cell anemia in Gabon

The Drecy Association is an organisation that builds awareness of sickle cell anaemia, which is a widespread genetic disease that affects nearly 50 million individuals and about 300 000 births per year worldwide. The majority of these births occur in sub-Saharan Africa and India. Sickle cell anaemia has no treatment and it is a genetic disease linked to red blood cells (non-contagious), characterized by the alteration of haemoglobin (the protein ensuring the transport of oxygen in the blood).

To raise awareness of the disease, DJ Fleo, Gabon’s most famous disc jokey, mixed non-stop for 50 hours on Urban FM, the most popular radio station in Libreville. The objectives of this initiative were to educate as many people as possible to reduce certain prejudices about this disease, as well as obtain donations for the association. Cowbell supported the initiative by donating products and gifts to more than 100 children of the association, which bought smiles to their faces.